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Aftermath of Kim Kardashian Jewelry Robbery Is Crystal Clear

Aftermath of Kim Kardashian Jewelry Robbery Is Crystal Clear

During Paris Fashion Week, reality TV sensation and social media master Kim Kardashian West was robbed in her hotel room. The ropun it up kim kardasian austin powers memebbers posed as policemen to gain access to her room. They tied her up and made off with an estimated $10 million in jewelry and mobile phones. The suspects are still at large, but the aftermath of this jewelry heist is crystal clear. It takes a tragedy of this scale to give the world a break from the Kardashians.

Over the last two weeks, it’s the media that’s latched onto this story. Kim K. hasn’t tweeted, snapped, or Instagrammed a single word, photo, or video since the incident. Save for sister Khloe’s appearance on Ellen this week, the entire family has stayed mum on the matter. During that interview, the elder Kardashian sibling said Kim was having a hard time coping with the robbery experience.

According to “sources” at E! News, she’s sought out professional help to move forward with her recovery. Though her family and husband Kanye West have been checking on her constantly, she’s afraid to spend time alone thanks to flashbacks of that scary night.

Producers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have suspended production as the investigation into the robbery continues. Though the show is still set to premiere later this month for its millionth season, the future of filming hangs in the balance. Considering that we’ve been inundated with the Kardashians’ “reality” and related spinoffs for almost ten years, a break might not be such a bad thing.

pun it up kim kardasian robbery kitBetter yet, maybe we’ll see the reality star take a different approach to her social media presence. Prior to the robbery, she’d taken to Snapchat to show off some multi-million-dollar rings. The same night of the robbery, she was in her hotel room alone with NO SECURITY. She basically advertised an insane amount of wealth in a public forum and then left herself wide open for an altercation. Not the smartest move.

The KUWTK clan celebrated the end of filming for season 12 on Tuesday, and Kim was absent from the photos. It seems the thieves have robbed the public of one of their most sought-after celebrities-well, at least until next season.

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