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Become a VIP User

Becoming a VIP User of Pun It Up is easy and a lot of fun for a bunch of reasons:

For starters, you can qualify for some cool Pun It Up incentives and you don’t have to do much for that.
Also, you get to laugh more, grow your network and help Pun It Up grow.

Here’s how it works (and it’s free):

  1. Register for a standard account or, if you already have, go to the VIP User registration;
  2. after confirmation, we’ll send you a link to register as a VIP user;
  3. register as a VIP user and receive a personal and unique link;
  4. share this link with everyone you want but make sure they sign up with Pun It Up via that link;
  5. when 2 people signed up and each makes 2 posts you’ll qualify for an incentive;
  6. team Pun It Up will be in touch via the email you registered with.

And the incentives are:

This is the best part! You can actually choose. But, there is still an element of surprise. What we can tell you, is that one option as an incentive is 2 comedy tickets. As long as the comedy club is affiliated with Best Comedy Tickets

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