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Ice Cream Is The Purr-fect Treat For This Kitty

Ice Cream Is The Purr-fect Treat For This Kitty

Most cats have daily diets filled with Purina ONE or Fancy Feast. But for 17-year-old Coco, she closes out every night with Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream. Her owner Debbie Izenman ensures Coco’s nightly ritual always includes a scoop. But Izenman’s daughter Jenny Katz decided to indulge in Coco’s ice cream stash. The result was a hilarious text exchange that was retweeted 17,000 times.
pun it up cat tweet

The conversation began with Izenman asking Katz who’d eaten Coco’s ice cream. Katz laughed it off and let her mom know she was the culprit. Izenman responded simply with “…sad…” Katz pointed out that Coco was a cat and that she “doesn’t need f***ing ice cream dude”. Izenman decides to compromise and offer Coco a popsicle instead. But she’s apprehensive because she may not like the substitute for her nightly snack. Katz was flabbergasted and found it ridiculous that her mom had such high standards for her cat’s snacks.

The Twitterverse couldn’t believe it either. The tweets of the phone conversation became the stuff of viral dreams. For a few minutes, Izenman and Coco became Internet celebrities.

It turns out ice cream isn’t Coco’s only snack demand. In an interview with Us Weekly, Izenman shared that the feline also loves cheese, nachos, and oatmeal. But despite her premium taste, she’s not a spoiled brat. In fact, she’s a well-behaved cuddle buddy. Apparently she just has a taste for the finer things in life.
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Also according to that Us Weekly article, Katz had just moved out. She told the magazine that her mom cared more about Coco more than anyone else. I think it’s safe to say Katz is happy she’s no longer being upstaged by her childhood pet.

While no one likes to have their nighttime snack devoured by a household enemy, it seems Katz is actually on the right side of this battle. This kitty is litter-ally living a better life than most college freshmen. Shouldn’t Izenman take a “paws” and consider some store-bought cat food instead? We should all treat our pets with respect, but this woman can’t be fur-real.

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