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Utility Worker’s ‘Better Half’ Goes Viral

Utility Worker’s ‘Better Half’ Goes Viral

When most people go viral, their faces are visible. But for Texas utility worker Jimmie Cox, it was his rear end that resonated with thousands.

pun it up jimmie cox

While Cox was hard at work fixing a plumbing issue for a customer, the upper half of his body was submerged in a mud puddle. It was at this moment that his customer, Andrea Adams, snapped a photo. She shared the pic on Facebook, and the web went crazy. So crazy that Adams suspended her Facebook account.

By the time she went offline, Cox’s bottom half had already been shared all over the Internet. Though it sounds unlikely, the photo has turned Cox into a sort of celebrity. In the photo, he’s sporting a pair of durable Wrangler Jeans. The classic jean company offered him free new pairs and hailed him as a dedicated everyday hero.

Cox remains humble and says he was just doing his job. But many people have praised him for taking the dirty job so seriously. In fact, Mike Rowe, who’s synonymous with dirty jobs, reached out to Cox directly and offered to take him out for a couple Bud Lights. Rowe is known for the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs.

In an interview with local ABC affiliate WFAA, Cox told the channel, “Pretty much can’t believe I’m getting that much recognition from it. This is pretty much something that everyone who works in the field at AMUD [Acton Municipal Utility District] has done dozens or hundreds of times.”

While that may be true, he’s the only one to snag a bit of Internet celebrity spotlight from doing so. Cox has also been contacted by admirers from the Philippines and Jamaica. His dedication to his job and his rear end have made him a global symbol of the everyman. A guy’s guy who’s willing to do anything (and I mean literally anything) to get the job done.

Most people might have reservations about diving into murky waters head first. Being partially submerged in said murky waters would probably freak most people out. But this was just another day on the job for Cox. It turns out going in head first isn’t half bad.

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