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Was Rihanna ‘Unapologetic’ About Dodging Drake’s Kiss?

Was Rihanna ‘Unapologetic’ About Dodging Drake’s Kiss?

Finally, it’s confirmed that Drake and Rihanna are a couple! Well, sort of. Rihanna made a surprise appearance onstage during the Miami stop of Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour. But she wasn’t there to perform one of their many hit duets. Instead, she planted a big one right on Drake’s lips. It seems she was only there to confirm what much of the world has been speculating about since last Sunday’s VMAs.

During the MTV telecast, the Toronto rapper took the stage to present RiRi with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. He shared an intimate and romantic speech in which he declared he’d been in love with the singer since he was 22 years old. After concluding his speech, he handed her the Moonman and went in for a smooch. Rihanna coyly turned her head, and his kiss landed on her cheek.

The moment was sweet, tender, and all that other mushy stuff. But the Internet hailed Rihanna as a master “curve artist”. Basically, when you “curve” someone, you stop them from acting on their feelings for you. It seemed that the world’s most sensitive (and popular) rapper had just been curved by his “only girl in the world”.

However, several loyal Rihanna fans were at the VMAs and took video of the alleged kiss from other angles. The telecast angle looked like the ultimate turndown. The fan video revealed that Drake’s kiss did, in fact, land on Rihanna’s lips.

The video proof didn’t stop the memes. Twitter had a field dadrakeandririy. User @KimmyBimmyWimmy tweeted a close up shot of the two with the caption, “One day you’re gonna make someone really happy.” @Balvinsanity tweeted a photo of the two with “Crying Jordan” photoshopped onto Drake’s body.

Just days before the VMAs, Drake rented a Los Angeles billboard to congratulate her on the big honor. A photo of the billboard was tweeted from the official OVO account with the message “#welcometothefamily”.

Kiss or no kiss, it seems the two artists have had us fooled for quite some time. Whether they’re off duty or at ‘work, work, work, work, work’, things between Drizzy and his new lady are definitely heating up!

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